Thursday, 13 July 2017

The cold night #3 Sleeping with our little brother

Hi everyone it's me kensington and I am here with my little brother in our room taking pictures and having fun with each other and talking about him and his friends at his school. He always comes home and brings toy cars and talks about how him and his friends play with them. I would describe it kind of like a museum of cars.
Maybe after 1-2 hours of trying to get my brother to sleep me and my little brother, Faka'ata cleaned up and went to sleep too.

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  1. Kia ora Kensington!

    It looks like you and your brother had a good time hanging out together and chatting about cars. My son, Aronui, also loves cars and he has a pretty big collection, just like you guys!

    If you have some time this holiday we'd love it if you joined our Winter Learning Journey programme. I see that Nicky has already invited you, too. She is working with me and she's really cool.

    Together, we will read your blogs and post comments and give you points for participating! We will then come to Tamaki Primary in Term 3 to bring certificates and prizes for the most active bloggers.

    I hope that you will be one of Winter Learning Journey programme participants so that I can bring you a certificate as well :)