Tuesday, 11 December 2018

2K18 year Recap

2018 Recap 

If I could describe this year with 3 words it would be. Positive, Learning and Memorable. I chose the word positive, because we've had lots of positive vibes funny moments and lots of cool trips. I chose the word learning for all the things that we learnt, and I chose Memorable because of all the memories we made together. One thing I achieved was coming first 3 times in athletics, on the Relays. I was proud of this because I don't really come first when I usually join athletics. I discovered that I can actually do more when I put my mind into it, (Growth Mindset). Some new skills I learnt were confidence, participation and friendliness.

5 People I enjoyed spending time with hmmmm.... One person is Perenara because when I always speak with him he would always show empathy and be honest with how he feels about my opinion. Another person is Fa'afiu because she's just a nice person in general (most of the time). The third person I liked hanging with was Fe'ao because no matter how he feels, he would always be nice and honest to me. Someone else I liked hanging out with this year was Leilani because shes so funny and lit. The final person I really liked hanging out with was Aletheia, I would spend most of my time with her and most of the time after school with her.

One Positive impact was being with my friends Image result for 2018

Friday, 9 November 2018


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WALT: Complete our maths tasks
Success criteria: 

  • Stay on task (Maths)
  • If your not sure ask a friend or the teacher for help
  • Double check your awnsers

Hello everyone I was doing maths with my friend Leilani and we have been working on 4 questions. These questions were hard at first but then when I went and asked my teach Ms Komor about these questions I started to get a better understanding on what I should do when it comes to tough and hard questions like these ones.
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What I found challenging about this was trying to explain to miss what I don't understand about this question and what I needed help with. What I enjoyed about this was how me and my friend Leilani were helping each other with these maths questions. I think my next learning step is trying to read the question more carefully so I won't have to ask the teacher for help.
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The Argumentation


WALT: State our opinion in a positive but honest way

Hello everyone me and my class have been doing an augmentation with our visitor named Ms. Treena. She was talking about how we have voices and how she should use our voices to state our opinions. She also talked about the pests in our world and how they are all helping our population crumble down. These pests/Predators are known as cats, stoats, feral rabbits, possums, hedgehogs and rats/mice.

One thing I found challenging about this was trying to keep my opinion positive but still disagree and give my honest feelings. One thing I enjoyed was having to express myself and tell my perspective on how I feel.

She gave us some instructions on how we should state our comment or opinion
1.  Remember that people from the public/Anyone is going to be reading your comment
2. Make sure that your ready to reply when people give their opinions about your opinion

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Blog comment

Walt : Watch movies from other schools, making sure it will be thoughtful, helpful and positive.

Hello everybody Me and my class went to Manaiakalani today and we were watching some movies. We watched movies from the schools, St Pius, Pt England and other schools, Here's one comment I did on the one of the movies.
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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Technology - Cooking

Hello everyone i was at technology cooking
Fish Pie
Step 1 - Peel the potatoes and bake until it cooked (or Boil
- Mash it up and lay it out into baking tin
- Mix tuna fish with 1/2 can if mushroom cream and 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
Mix well top up on potato with cheese and bake for 15 minutes
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Monday, 29 October 2018

Kiwisport reflection 😀😀😀

Kiwisport reflection - Football 

Hello everyone me and my friends were doing our football lesson/ kiwisport lesson. First of all we went in a circle and we started doing jogging on the spot which was surprising called chopping on the spot. After that we had to go and play passes and catches.

First we had to even out the teams and put our finger on the lace of the ball and pass it to the other person. But then it started raining and then we had to go inside. After it stopped raining we went and played a game outside.

What I found challenging  about this was trying to pass the ball to everyone while we were being stressed by everyone blocking and running around us. What I enjoyed about this was getting to have a run. I think my next learning steps is learning the moves to this game.
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Te tuhi blog reflection

Te Tuhi 

Hello everyone me and my class went to have a te tuhi lesson today and we were learning about abstract art and we did some abstract art. We learnt about the technology that we use now, like controllers, laptops, and other technologies.
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After that we went and had some morning tea. We were looking at different exhibitions and talking about their inspirations and where they were originated. We talked about the tongan symbols and how they originated from the european culture. but then this artist changed the symbols into symbols that were more tongan based. After we went and we looked at some pictures. we talked about this picture with this person giving the english captain James Cook some gifts I don't the name of this person but I when I find out tell you on the comments. After that we went to a showcase of artworks. Then we went and watched a movie showcasing some pieces of his artwork.