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Malama honua

Malama Honua Recount

On the 5th of march and the whole entire maikalani schools at the point england reserve beach with 12 schools and doing a maori traditional kapa haka. And going touch some peoples hand.   
Paragraph 1, On the way to the beach:
In my school on 2015 25th of march I was in room3 my little brothers class we were getting ready to go to this kapa haka thing that was at the point england reserve, in the beach. And at class
 I  was thinking of the good times we’re going to have at the beach.
Then we tried doing the haka for mr Nepia and we had to just do it sitting down then after we went to the bus and I wanted to buddy up with my brother then I did buddy up with my brother. And

we sat down with Waiari and Agnes and we played this silent game when we have to be until we get there.
Paragraph 2
And we made it to the point England reserved then we had to walk all the way to the beach at the point england reserve and that was the only place that we can do the haka in. Then we made it to the beach and then we had to sit down on the grass and then I remembered we had to take off our shoes but we only had to haka on the grass and my slippers got wet then we had to sit down again and then then we had to stand up again and we done the haka again then we sat down.

Paragraph 3

And then it was time to go on that bridge that is next to the bridge and we had to hi five all the visitor's that came to watch us and we were we had to wait for 12 schools to pass the bridge and hi five the visitors. “This is so taking long” I said. then finally it was turn the I went running to the beach and then we just had to walk then we made it, I went running passed all of the people just hi fiving people. then we had to go back to school and when we went back to school we saw everyone outside  then we went outside to play.