Tuesday, 26 December 2017

W2 - St Joseph's Cathedral

St joseph Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, well maybe in my opinion, this place looks very beautiful and it looks really big, the location of this place was in 43 Wyndham St, Auckland, 1010
They started the construction of this place on 1894 then they finished on 1902 that's what I read online while I was researching. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

W1# Setting sail

My letter about setting sail

Now If I was these people going from their homeland to another land that most of them don't even know about. I would feel really scared and nervous but still excited at the same time. I would feel really tired when we all get there because we need to paddle and got through the ocean thousands of miles. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

W1# Arriving in new zealand

WALT: I am learning to write three facts I have learned about Maui and other stories I have heard about him

Hello everyone this is my first blog to participate in the summer learning journey and I will be blogging about the most famous man in maori mythology Maui - Now this story that I have just read right here is about Maui being underestimated by his other big brothers and him showing his talents to all of them. Now what I have found challenging about this was the fact that I haven't heard or read that much about Maui.

3 Facts I have learnt about Maui 

Now Maui sounds like a really strong, independent and noble man he is really strong and he is really known for being capable of beating his big brothers at mostly everything. Now here come the facts.

  1.   I learnt that Maui is a really strong man and he can do mostly anything 
  2.   Secondly I learnt that he is one of the most famous men in mythology
  3.   And last one is that he is actually interesting

Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder movie reflection

Related imageWonder Reflection Movie
Hello everyone room 9 my class and room 10 ( kiamanuanui ) went to the movies and we had a lot of fun. We are also supposed to make a diagram about whats the same and whats different.
What you enjoyed about this trip
Kensington - What I enjoyed at the movie was the fact that we got to take our own food with us in one bag, and I really liked it that we got to choose our own group's to go with.
Alone - What I enjoyed at the movie because at  was sad because everyone was mock him he’s face I was going to cry. And I like the end because everyone like him I was so happy.  

Your favourite part in the movie
Kensington - My favourite part in the movie was when Via said her speech inside the play it’s very great that Miranda gave her the part

Alone- My favourite part in the movie was the end because everyone like him.

What are the key things you could learn from this movie
Kenzington - I think the key things you can learn in this movie are that it does’nt matter if you look good on the outside but you have to be beautiful on inside and the outiside

Alone-I think the key things you can learn in this movie at is very sad because everyone was going to cry

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Image result for sweet chilli chicken and rice

Here are the ingredients

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Hello everyone me and my class have been doing technology and this week we didn't do cooking because our normal cooking teacher, Miss Tuipulotu wasn't here today because she was at a funeral because her sister died.

But it was still fun today because we had a teacher named Miss heka and she had work for us to do. We had to write and answer questions on here and we had to do lots of different activities like word finds.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Mauri Definition

Mauri Definition

Mauri means life force and binding together.

Te tuhi

Te Tuhi Reflection
Hello everyone I have been going to te tuhi and we have been doing roleplay and we had to come up with our own plays to show to present to our class and to act out old fairy tales and myths. Me and my friends chose to do three little pigs

After that we had to make posters with collage art and we had to draw on poster based on the story that we had to do.

te tuhi


Technology - Pancake and Ice cream
Hello everyone I have been making pancakes and ice cream with my friend monita the ingredients are
  • Egg
  • Vanilla essence
  • Milk
  • Icecream

Monday, 13 November 2017

Playing soccer

Playing soccer!!!
Hi everyone today in the morning me and my friends have been playing soccer again with these other kid again. What I found challenging about this was when lots of the people we were playing with was kicking the ball really high and I could barely catch it. But what I also enjoyed was playing with different kind of people.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Te Tuhi

Te Tuhi
Hello everyone me and my friends have been working on the te tuhi trip presentation and I think this is a good presentation to prepare us for friday because all of us are going to be doing a lot of work tomorrow. What I found challenging was when I was trying to listen to all of my pairs ideas and try to make my ideas sound different from them. But what I enjoyed was when we helped each other with our work.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Staying from school (sick)

Staying from school

Hi everyone I was feeling very sick this morning and I taking the day off school today and i'm really sad too. But tomorrow hopefully I will be back in school with my friends and ready to do some learning. I will also email my teacher and tell her whats happening
Image result for teacher
But I think it’s good that I'm staying from school because if I still went I would’ve came back and felt even more sick and I would have to stay from school even more days. So while I am staying I am trying to look after myself and make sure I can go school tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Hi everyone I have been colouring in these papers and finding people to tell me compliments about myself, and my friends and my classmates have been complimenting me about myself.
We were doing this based on a story named wonder and the titles name was what makes us wonderful.
Image result for wonder
What I found challenging about this was colouring the whole thing and finding the right people to write compliments about me. What I enjoyed about this was when lot’s of people had  lots of compliment about me.

In the bus going to technology


Hello Guys I'm in the bus right now going to technology and it’s not that loud like it is with most of the other people here. While they are all gone to touch we are in the bus relaxing with people just talking and laughing.
I can’t wait to get to technology I wonder what we are going to cook this time.

What I always enjoy about being in the bus is when I sit with my friends and I guess what we are going to do or cook at technology.Image result for technology cooking

Going technology

Going Technology now!!!
Hi everyone me and my friends are going technology right now and we are about to line up. The bus is beeping outside and we are in a hurry right now, and miss komor and miss kyla are getting their things organised. I don’t think miss komor is going to technology yes I think I'm right. What I think I found challenging was listening to the bus driver beep the horn several of times

But we all eventually lined up and hurried ourselves down to the stairs.
Image result
(I am learning to) IALT: tell the audience how I am feeling about this situation

Player soccer

Playing Soccer!!!
Hi everyone me and my friends Aletheia, Akih, Alone and monita have been playing soccer with these other people. I got 3 goals and my friends Akih and Alone were being goalie. My friend aletheia was mostly watching but she usually came at the right time. While we were playing one person was about to have a goal then Monita came and she kicked it right back to them. We had a lot of fun.

What I found challenging about this was when the other team had many people and our team only had 7 people inside it. But what I enjoyed was all of the people I could play against. But I think next time I could pass the ball to my friends so they have a try and gain more experience to get better and better.

But I really enjoyed it.

(I am learning to) IALT: Explain what I found challenging about this and what In enjoyed about this.
Image result for soccer

Good Morning

Good Morning!!! -
Thursday 2 November 2017
Good morning everyone I am about to go to technology right now and I am sitting with my friends Listening to Miss Komor tell us the roll. The bus is outside and we are checking if everyone is here right now. People are coming inside and we are ticking them while they are coming inside.

I can’t wait to go to technology becuase we are cooking today, I wonder what we are going to be cooking.
Image result for good morning
(I am learning to)- IALT greet and tell everyone what I am doing right now

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Hello everyone today I have done a writing sample with my class and we had to write about good friends and friendship. What I found challenging about this was trying to write 5 sentences in each paragraph, and I had to write 3 paragraphs or more. What I also enjoyed about this test was writing about friends because I have lots of friends. 

I think what I should do better about this was focusing more on my test and no talking with my friends too much because I always talk too much to them and thats why my teacher miss komor to another table. 

Math task

Hi everyone I have been working on a maths problem and it was a fractions problem. I had a strategy and my strategy was 20 divided by 5 = 4 and 5 x 3 = 15 so 3 fifths of 20 is 15 and 15 is the answer

Thursday, 26 October 2017

My Homework

Hello everyone I am here with my homework that my father has given me and it is about space and science vocabulary. What I found challenging about this was answering all the questions and it was really difficult because there were twenty of them. But what I enjoyed about this was there were different kind of unique questions to answer and a lot of complex words.

I think maybe next time I could be more specific about my questions or write why I think these are the answers to my questions. These questions are all about space and the solar system which I learnt last year in my old class room.

There is a link on the bottom, showing you my work and you could view how I edit my work.

  1. Particles, ice and glasses orbiting the sun - comets
  2. Imaginary line around which a planet spins - Axis
  3. Objects revolving around and reflecting light from the sun - Planets
  4. Objects that orbit planets - satellites
  5. Satellite that orbits earth - Moon
  6. A meteor that has fallen to earth - Meteorite
  7. Instrument for observing objects in earth - Telescope
  8. Path of one body in space around another - Orbit
  9. Travels around the sun 365 ¼ days - earths
  10. Group of stars that make a picture - constellation
  11. One who travels space - astronauts
  12. One complete path around the sun - revolution
  13. Grouping of billion of stars that form a system - Galaxy
  14. Turn on an axis - Rotate
  15. Study of the universe - astronomy
  16. Small planets with orbits between Mars and Jupiter - asteroids
  17. Force of attraction between objects - gravity
  18. Having to do with the sun - Solo
  19. The ringed planet - Saturn
  20. Gaseous layer surrounding a planet - Atmosphere


Here today I have done a very simple problem with my friends and what I found challenging was trying to count down and subtract the different kind of numbers.But I really enjoyed working with my friends

Maybe next time I could do it faster if I listened better to my friends when they are explaining their answers and questions
I really loved creating new ways to solve the problem with my friends because they all have their own complex and unique ways to solve it. There is a link on the bottom to the problem to help you have a better visual of the problem.

(I am learning to ) IALT: Find and solve different kinds of problems with an efficient strategy.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Hello everyone I have been on working on my maths and I have been doing a really great problem. What I found challenging was subtracting all of the huge numbers. I love listening to other peoples ideas too because that gives me more ideas

Reading time!!!

Image result for reading
Reading Time!!!
Secondly today I will be doing reading and for reading I will be reading a text about games and how they could help to maintain an indigenous culture. Reading also requires focusing just like maths because there might be some specific information you might really need to remember. I will really enjoy this.


Hi everyone me and my friends have been doing maths and we have been working on this problem. It was really fun and hard at the same time but we got through it by working together and helping each other. We also listened to each others ideas and that helped us solve the problem out. 

I found it very challenging because I had to listen to all of these different kind of Ideas and thats what made it very hard. I also enjoyed listening to them all express themselves in all different kinds of ways. 

there is a link to on the bottom to our work you can check it out and comment what we could do better and you could see us get our things.

I am really interested with maths I think that is my favourite subject. I know that maths requires a lot of thinking and focusing.


Hello everyone this is my writing plan and I have been working so hard with this plan and what I found real challenging was trying to come up with a new idea for each paragraph and how I am going to end my text for my conclusion. I also enjoyed writing this story because it reminds me of me and my friends playing outside.

I don't think that you need a link to this work because I already put all of my work on there but I will still put the link on so you can see how I edit my work and how I am doing.
Remember the S.E.E.E structure
Statement - Use a starter sentence to state a cause - To be a good scientist you need to be . . .
Explain - Define the cause - this means . . .
Example - connect to the reader - for example...
Effect - explain the effect of the cause - if you do that then . . .

This will start with HOW... or WHY...
A place of whanaungatanga
What are you going to explain?  How will you hook the reader in?
The playground is a magnificent place where people have fun and it is a very wonderful way of exploring the incredible outdoors. So I think this place is a Amazing place to build great relationships.
Paragraph One
What is your first statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
So in the park you can’t just automatically build great relationships with someone you have to make a  discussion with them and you guys can play a game and you guys will be able to build a relationship.
Paragraph Two
What is your second statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
The park is a really good place to build relationships because
It’s a place with lots of different kind of people that have different kind of things that they like, you can make friends with those people, a park is a really good place to make friends.
Paragraph Three
What is your third statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
You can also build relationships with the people around you by saying hi or ask them if they want to play a game with you, and while you guys are playing your relationship can develop.
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
So that wraps it up for today, I think that the playground is a great place for whanaungatanga and you can build lots of amazing relationships. It’s also a good place to show some of our school values such as manaakitanga, tukumarie and rangimarie.