Thursday, 23 February 2017

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017

Hello Everyone from around the world my name is Kensington and I am a student in the school Tamaki Primary School And I am saying welcome to everyone that is on my blog and good day to everyone. I am 11 years old and I am turning 12 on october the 7th. I was born on 2005 in auckland starship hospital October The 7th. I am tongan and my favourite things to do is Maths and playing soccer. I also love playing with my brothers and my friends. So I am just saying welcome Hello to everyone.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Kiwican Reflection 2

Kiwi Can reflection

Reading reflection

Hi everyone me and my brother have been reading a book that he has been finding
hard to read but I helped him and We got through it together.
IALT: Reflect on the things in the past

SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) Reflection - Adele's Big Win

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Maths Reflection - Place Value

Here is Reflection of a cool maths game that me and my class was playing, the
game was called place value and this reflection is going to tell you how to play.
IALT: Reflect on the things in the past


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Kensington Badminton

IALT: Reflect on the past I reflecting on my Kiwi sport that I had with my class.
Here is a presentation to show you what I did.

Kensington technology 2

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On thursday February 16th I went to Technology with my class and 2 other teachers, Miss Kyla and Kelly. This is week 2, Everyone was getting ready to go, Miss Kyla got the roll out, she called everyone to come in and called it out. After all of that We all got ourselves in the same groups as last week and went downstairs to go to the bus. So then we went to tamaki college again, then miss Kyla to the classes we were in last week, so we all went. When we got there I finished off on my 9 ideas and asked Mr Grundy to come check on them, He told all of us if we could come up with 9 good ideas that he thought could work so we could get started with making.

So I thought really hard and I came up with 5 ideas of my own for example, a torch, a can crusher and many other things. But it took me a very long time to come up with all of those ideas so Mr Grundy told I could start making it next week on the 23rd of february. So me and my group packed up, went back to school in the bus and got ready for morning tea.

Week 2

Friday, 17 February 2017

On the weekend

On The Weekends.
On the weekend February the 7th me and my family stayed and cleaned up the house. While our dad was going hospital to check his arm if their was any damage because when he was playing with my little brothers then the suitcase fell on his arm. So while he was doing that we stayed home with our mum and cleaned up the house. After that we had a rest and watched tv. Later on my mum and my 2 brother, wesley and sosia to clean up our church, while I stayed with my little brother. On that day what I found challenging was staying with my little annoying brother. When My dad came back we slept for church on sunday. When woke up on 7.00 To go to church. When we got there I first one to get inside then my dad and my brother wesley went in. 10 minutes later my mum and my other 2 brothers came in and we started to pray. After all of that we went down to have some food While my dad was getting a blessing for his arm
When it was 2.00 we went back home and Watched tv and did other things like unfinished work. Then after all of that we watched tv until maybe 12.00pm then slept for school on monday.

Kensington learning goals

This presentation is telling you about my learning goals. I have been working on this for hours and now I am done please leave a comment of how I can do it better.

Kensington smart footprint personal profile

Personal Profile
Decide whether each item of information below is personal information that you would share online or keep private. Cut and paste to organise items under column A or B

A.Personal Information that you would share online
B.Personal Information that you should keep private
Date of birth
How many brothers and sisters you have
Favourite band, sports team, food
The name of your pet
Parents names
Brothers and sisters names
Your first name
Favourite subjects at school
My learning goals
My strengths - what I am good at
Full name (first and last)
Home address
Email address
Home Phone number, mobile number
Someone I admire`

Kensington, Alethia and Alone Maori numbers

On thursday 16th of february I been working with my friends, Alone and Alethia on
a presentation that talks about maori numbers. here is the presentation to show what we
have done.

Kensington Attitude session one Reflection

On wednesday the 15th of february Me and class did the attitude test with room 10 and other 3 other teachers which were miss Kyla, Miss Komor and Kelly. In the attitude test we had to choose what kind of personality we were, here's a reflection to tell you all about it

Thursday, 9 February 2017


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on thursday february 9th 2017 I went to technology With my class and 4 Other teachers, it was real fun because I got to do things I have never done before. At school everyone was getting ready to go, for technology We had to go to tamaki college. Firstly we got ourselves in groups, my group was group 3, it was a really great group. Secondly we went on the bus to go. Everyone was singing in the bus but not me I Just sat down and looked out of the window. When we got there we got our group's in lines and got ready to go to our teacher. My teacher was Mr Grundy he led us to his class and we got started.

My group was woodworking which means making a specific object or toy out of wood. Mr Grundy was a really funny teacher but he was really strict when it came to playing with dangerous things. I think it’s because he doesn't want anyone of us getting hurt. Mr Grundy told us to draw our plans on a piece of paper. He quickly instructed us how we're suppose to start  it off, then we all went and got started. Mr Grundy told us to make at least 9 ideas, I only could come up with 4 ideas But that was ok because he said we can finish it off next week. After all of that we went back to school and got ready for morning tea.