Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Quality blog post

Hi everybody I have been working on a bright and yellow poster on quality blog posts I hope by reading this you will learn something new. What I found challenging was trying to get pictures and gather the information together. 
Success Criteria

  • Find suitable information
  • Find pictures or create pictures that will catch the reader's attention
  • Make your info stand out with your background


Hi everyone i have been working on a video with my friends
alone and akih. The video was on our pasifika presentation.
Walt: create our own dlo on pasifika. I hope you find it funny because we tried to make it funny, and my favourite part was when my friend Akih tried to pronounce tupenu probably.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Hi everybody i have been working on maths with my friends monita and aletheia 
and This is the problem I have finished so far with them. What I found challenging was trying to make sure my answer because was right because there was lots of opinions to understand and I had to listen to their points of view
Walt: Work together to solve and add fraction problems 
Success Criteria
  • Solve the questions as a team and let everyone participate
  • Make sure your not answering all the questions
  • Help each other and listen to each others ideas

Monday, 26 June 2017


Hello everyone I have been working on another tricky problem
All about weight. My friends and I have been working hard on this question, fell free to try solve it and check if our answers our right.
Walt: create our own way of solving fraction math problems
Success Criteria
  • Solve the questions as a team and let everyone participate
  • Make sure your not answering all the questions
  • Help each other and listen to each others ideas

Friday, 23 June 2017


Hi everyone I have been making a presentation based on the oreo thing that I did
before. If you haven't seen it please look below.
Walt: Create our own dlo on our opinion on why sugary drinks should be banned

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hi everyone i have been working on a google drawing named an oreo. And I have been
Writing reasons and examples on why sugary foods should be banished every school morning.
Ialt: Write and explain our opinions on an specific text

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tree planting

Tree planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings for forestry and landscapes. It is really good to have trees because it can help us breath more better. The trees absorb the dirty air and they filter the particles with their leaves and bark. In many areas trees are mostly selective for harvesting wood.
Once you learn the science of working together you can grow your own in no time. Digging a big hole is the key thing for the growth of trees. Placing the tree. First you have to prepare a hole two to three times wide as the root ball of your tree. Secondly you backfill the hole and water the tree.
For example trees can help us a lot.

It can help us breathe better and it cleans the oxygen and filters it into the right kind of air we are suppose to breath in, It can also help us build houses by harvesting wood and also other helpful things. Trees also protects us from   horrible rays from the sun. It is really dangerous those sun rays, it can really cause skin cancer.  


Image result for basketball png
At kiwisport we firstly played a game called golden child, When the other team has to shoot to the goal and the other team has to run to a specific spot, If the other shoots a goal before they get there the person whos running has to stop in the spot they were in. It was a really fun I usually didn't make it. The golden child has to run pass the people who didn't make it and guide them to the finish line. Next after that we played a game called numbers when they had to call a number and those people in the front of the line have to go in that number. At the end we all had to go and play.

WAlT: Show teamwork while playing basketball at kiwisport
- Support each other
_ participate and contribute
Wala - accuracy with our shooting
Wal: How to improve our confidence
Wal: How to have a growth mindset

Friday, 16 June 2017


Hi everyone I have been doing a poster on matariki. what i found challenging was trying to turn the information into my own words. Ialt: Make a descriptive poster on matariki.

Buddy class

Hi everyone I have been working with my buddy named elijah and we have been drawing on a piece of paper called a tapa cloth and we needed to represent everything about our buddies culture with my buddy I worked with my two friends alone and akih. What I found challenging was trying to get my buddy to talk.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Kiwican reflection


We also needed to do a video on how to blog a quality blog post, Here is one of the drafts that I did with my friends akih, aletheia and monita 


In cyber smart I had to do a presentation on how good We have to do our quality blog posts, And in it we had to colour the things that they have on their blog

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Whitewater boarding Video

Hi everyone On friday the 9th of june 2017 I went on a trip with my class.
On the trip we did whitewater rafting, It was really cool, we got to go on 
really high slides and we also went on really rough waterfall. At the park had to do some team building activities while we were waiting for our turn. I have already blogged a reflection doc on it. Up here is my video. There are also some videos on the bottom

Cyber smart

a Video storyboard

The message of the video:

Learning how to make good quilty blog post.e

How is the message going to be delivered (e.g. discussion between two people, puppet play, song, etc)
Between three People
What tool will be used to create the video (e.g. screencast, wevideo, etc)
Who is involved?
Aletheia(Teacher) , Akiho and Monita and kensington
What props or other things are needed?
Netbook or book

Script:  (Who will say what?)
aletheia - Hi My name is Aletheia and here today I have Monita ,Alone,akih and Kensington and here today we are going to share to you what a quality blog needs.It will be great if people had quilty blog post to impress more people to come back to read more.Our WALT: is that We are learning to make a videos about quilty blog post, and
What it needs?
Now My kind friend akih will read translate in filipino
Pilipino , - Akih - Hi Ang Pangalan Ko Ay Si Akih at dito sa araw na mayroon akong Mainit, Altheia at Kensington at dito ngayon kami ay pagpunta upang ibahagi sa iyo kung ano ang isangkalidad ng blog needs.It ay magiging mahusay na kung ang mga tao ay nagkaroon ngQuilty blog post upang mapabilib ang mas maraming mga tao na bumalik basahinmore.For amin WALT: Kami ay pag-aaral upang makagawa ng isang video tungkol saQuilty blog post.
Ano ang kailangan nito?

what we need in it:
In a quality blog post we need a description that can help the audience understand the blog post.
We also need some pictures or videos so we can catch the reader's attention.
In a quality blog post we need labels like the subject and your year level
In a quality blog post you can make one interesting post and then leave the rest for next time, so they can want to see what happens next.

Why we need it
So it can look beautiful
So it doesn't look boring.
So it can help with our learning
So it can make them drawn more into it.It is great for people to look at a  great quality blog post to make them go dip into their souls to feel what they write about.Quality blog posts are very good to make people wonder what your going to do next.
Quality blog posts is the main thing you need to have when your blogging.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Script: Vector Whitewater Rafting.

Kensington:  Hi- Hello my name is kensington and I am here with Rosemary Helen and akih.

Rosemary, Helen and Akih: Said Hi

Akih :Today we are talking about what we did at Whitewater rafting on Friday 9th June 2017.

Rosemary : Now Helen will talk about what we did when we went.

Helen: First of all we went down to the dots to get ready to be splitted up into our groups.I was in miss Komors group's,I felt very excited to go, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Kensington: Then we went on to the bus to go to the Vector Whitewater park, there were lots of people singing in the bus I just stayed quiet staring out of the window, while I was talking to my friends that I was sitting with.   

Akih : The bus took 20- 30 minutes to get there.When we arrived at the Whitewater park  , My Hands Was shaking because I was really scared and also the water was so deep and , Mrs. Aireen said that don’t go near the water cause were gonna drown . We were early when we went to the White Water Rafting so the teacher decided to let us eat our Morning Tea. We sit on the bench and buy some food.

Rosemary: I took my money to buy a hot chocolate,it cost $4.50, I thought it was expensive but I still bought it,I eat my lunch and chat with Ms.Komor,then Ms.Aireen asked me to take some picture around the park,I took some photos with Ms.Aireen phone’s and when I finish Taking Photo I return it back.

Helen: For about 1 hour later we had to grab our bags and get ready to go for a tour around the Water Park and see what kind of activities we were going to do. When we were finished going around seeing what we were going to do we had to put our bags down and get ready for our team building games.

Kensington: First each group had to stand side to side and there had to be a space between each group, The first activity we had to do was link arms with each other and each group had to jump all the way to miss aireen and back. After we jumped I felt very tired and the next activity we need to carry a teammate all the way to miss aireen without them touching the ground.

Akih: Some people need to do the signature’s, While we had to listen to some instructions from a man named Josh. Josh was telling us to get ready to the boat and the steps we needed to do next is.

Rosemary: Next we had to wear the helmets,diving suits and life jackets,the man came and told us some things about the water safety and we are practicing the part in water,after this we will go on the boat.

Helen: When we were in our groups we were splitted up to go with each couch my group was with Coach Josh. We were going to go in the water to see how fast and how raft the water when we hop into the raft. What we had to do was to walk across the water and try to get to the other side.

Kensington: What I found challenging in the river cross was trying to keep steady while we were trying to cross the rough river

Akih: What I found challenging was trying to hold on and to not swim to the water, it was so challenging.

Rosemary: What I found challenging was swim across the river,because I : am very easy to get away by the water.

Helen: What I found challenging was trying to cross the raft water which nearly dragged me backwards.

Kensington: After we went into group's and went to our coach and went into the boats. It was really scary for me because the water was so deep. Now we are going to all say what we found challenging.

Akih : I found challenging was paddling the boat forward and back.It was so challenging.

Rosemary:The challenging I found is to row the paddle in backward,because the resistance from water is very hard.

Helen: What I found challenging was trying to sit on the raft probably and try not to fall out.

Kensington: What I found challenging was trying to hold onto my oar while we were in the boat.

Kensington: After we went into the rafts we had to stand onto a rock and jump in the water by posture like lying and swim all the way back.

Akih :What I found challenging was trying float the right way and breath.

Kensington: What I found challenging was trying to cross the whole river, especially the waterfall.

Rosemary:The challenge I found is that catch my breath when the waterfall,because I thought only have one waterfall,when I was coming to the second waterfall I really panic.

Helen: What I found challenging was trying to keep floating on top of the water.

Kensington: After all of that we went back to the meeting place and got changed clothes and  waited for the teachers to call out the roll, After the roll we walked back to the bus and went back to school.

Akih : I felt really tired After the trip

Rosemary :When I finish my lunch I felt very tired, so I just slept on the bus,but the boys that were singing were too loud so I couldn’t sleep.

All: Thank you for watching.

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