Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to use screencastify video

how to use screencastify

Te tuhi video

te tuhi reflection

Te Oro video

Te oro Reflection

Today some students from Tamaki Primary school went to Te Oro to present them what our school have learnt.This year Tamaki Primary presented something that shows Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au that means I am the river and the river is me. It was a amazing performance in the first part because of one of our students had made a rap then he got his rap showed up on the screen in our video that we showed well we were performing.

After that two students came out and presented there lovey work and there name were tevta and keneth it was so so cool and after that Siale came out and  all the boy came out and they were sing their lovely song and the person who wrote it was sione, liti the song was called  e otua tataki au and that was a really nice song and  they had the confidence to contribute and to participate and also to show all of our values
And they were fabulous at it.

While the show went on other people from school came to watch them live at 9:50 on the manaiakalani website that has all the hangouts on air. We also watched at the school, We were watching it live. The boys were drumming while losana and Ana were singing, and all of them were wearing lava lavas.

What was great for me was seeing our school show our school values in front of lots of people that will be watching.Well it a great school and it show respect and also
People show loving and kindness
You can learn something that you don’t know and to learn more information about our community .

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Maths - Kensington and aletheia

Walt: Gather information onto a graph