Friday, 8 June 2018

Camp blog reflection


I really enjoyed abseiling because I really enjoyed going down the waterfall. I was really
nervous when I was about to go down the waterfall but everyone was encouraging me so I went
down and I went down really fast. What I also enjoyed about this was walking through the
stream and rocks. I would mostly fall down but I would get back up again.
I also enjoyed kayaking because all the different kind of rocks and reefs we got to see.

From this I learnt that if you try something you never know if it will be fun or not.

I enjoyed lots of activities but i'm going to write about the one I enjoyed most. I enjoyed kayaking the most because I enjoyed learning the different ways of how to steer and all the other different assets about kayaking. I really enjoyed listening to Mary Jane say left and right. What I really enjoyed about this was paddling back to the line of people while we were both drifting away. What didn't enjoy about this was getting stuck in the rocks all the time (which was FRUSTRATING!).

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