Thursday, 26 July 2018

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting

Positive, Helpful and Thoughtful

kia ora viewer I have been blog commenting on other peoples blogs in others schools. In our class we had to blog comment a thoughtful, helpful and positive comments. These comments had to have the correct punctuation, for example full stops, commas, apostrophes_ect. they also needed to be helpful, thoughtful and positive but not all in one, what I mean by not all in one is that one comment needs to be positive, one comment needs to be thoughtful and one needs to be helpful. 
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give feedback to this person to see what they need to improve on with their blog

I first decided that my first comment would be a Helpful one and I did it on one of the students from Panmure Bridge and his name is Chris. I blog commented about how I really like how he described his story and how he describe what the difference between a dialogue and a monologue but I also said to him how it would be good if he put a question on to interest the audience while they are reading his blog.


Compliment the author on what you liked about their blog

Secondly I decided to do a thoughtful comment about someone's blog and I was on a classes blog and I was commenting on a film and I said I really like their subject they were working on and the cool references they put in the movie.


Is there something that the author has written to remind you about something similar

Lastly I did my thoughtful comment and I commented one of the students from Pt England and her name is Mata, I commented about how I love the way she did her activity and how I really love to do Maths.

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