Friday, 6 July 2018

Matariki Kai


Matariki Kai

Hello everyone yesterday we just had our Ako evening and we all had to showcase our things that we had to do for our Matariki activities. I'm going to be talking about my subject  Matariki Kai. My group Lydia, Wallymei and Teresa had 3 questions. What type of foods are eaten in Matariki, how are the foods made and why is food important for Matariki. 

We also made a video about it. I learnt the new learning skill of how important food is to Matariki. Something I found challenging about this was when we would make the videos because they would make mistakes and we would take like 1 million takes and it would be really frustrating. 

I think maybe next time I could work more and focus consinstantly. 
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  1. Hello Kensington I really like your blog that you did here on matariki kai I really like the 3 question that your group members had about matariki so keep up the good the work and I hope you are having a great school holidays.