Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Explanation Writing Paragraph 2

IALT: Try Explain How The See Structure Works

Hello everyone I Have been working on my writing and I have been writing my first paragraph. In this first paragraph I needed to write my statement - Inform the reader what the topic of the paragraph is about, Write my explanation - Explain more about the topic, My Example - Back up the explanation with evidence it's true, Effect - When this happens how does it effect other things. 

S - Statement

E - Explanation

E - Example 

E - Effect

SEE Structure.

Tsunami are mostly caused by Earthquakes that move the oceans floor. This refers to the Earth made up of these large pieces called tectonic plates. Usually grinding or moving together, or sometimes they would get stuck. When this happens the pressure builds and suddenly the plates get moved into a new position. For example let's say that the Earth is staying still and then suddenly two tectonic plates suddenly shift together, this creates energy waves underwater which reach up to the surface which reach up to the surface this makes the water rise above it’s normal sea level which creates a huge wave which is known to be called a Tsunami. Another example of this is if the water along the shoreline moved back dramatically, it most likely means that a tsunami will occur in just a few seconds or minutes. A Tsunami is not just one wave but it’s a series of waves or a wave train. This means that Tsunamis are most likely created by Earthquakes.

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