Saturday, 28 April 2018


Remember the S.E.E.E structure
Statement - Use a starter sentence to state a cause - To be a good scientist you
need to be . . .
Explain - Define the cause - this means . . .
Example - connect to the reader - for example...
Effect - explain the effect of the cause - if you do that then . . .


This will start with HOW... or WHY...

Paragraph One
What is your first statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)

Paragraph Two
What is your second statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)

Paragraph Three
What is your third statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)

The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats

The Panmure Basin - Why does this place help me develop my hauora.

A very good place in the community that can help you with your hauora is the
Panmure Basin. This place can specifically help with your physical and mental health.

The Panmure Basin can help with your physical and mental health. This can be understood as
an amazing place where you could exercise by running laps and relax your mind by breathing into the
fresh air. These things can help improve your mental and physical health. An example of this will be
when you run your body gets stronger and the peaceful sound can calm and relax your heart and mind
down. An outcome of this will be a healthy body and a balanced mind.

The Panmure Basin is a great place to develop your taha wairua/spiritual by connecting with nature.
This refers to exploring the trees there to learn more about the Panmure Basin. For example you can
learn about the history of the Basin and also learn about the trees and animals that live there. If you do
this you can develop your experience with other things around you and the spiritual side of your mind.

The Panmure Basin is also one of the best place to develop your Taha Whanau (Social/Family Health).
This means walking with your family or friends around the basin after school and talk about different
things with each other. For example you can talk about your days and other kind of things. If you do this
then you will have a happy relationship with your family and you will have a happy/growth mindset.

So that wraps it up for today, again I think that the Panmure Basin is one of the best places in the
Panmure community, Because of all the reasons that I have stated.

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