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Remember the S.L.A.M. prompts

  • How are the line breaks structured?
  • How are the stanzas organised?
  • Is there punctuation? What does it look like?
  • How does the structure affect the meaning of the poem?
  • Is there figurative language present? (simile, metaphor, alliteration,, onomatopoeia, )
  • Are there sound devices present? (rhythm, rhyme, repetition)
  • Is there sensory language in the poem?
  • Mood - How does the poem make you feel? What emotions are evoked because of the language
  • being used?
  • Tone - How does the author feel or want you to feel when you read the
  • poem?
  • What is the subject of the poem? (What is the poem mainly about?)
  • Is there symbolism? What is the deeper meaning of the symbols used in the poem?
  • What is the central message or theme of the poem?
  • Why is the t i t l e important and how does it set the context of the poem?

What is the title of your poem? Make it catchy

Stanza 1

Introduce the topic of your poem through descriptive vocabulary and language

tanza 2

Use figurative language to creatively describe the topic of your poem

Final Stanza

What message are you wanting the reader to understand?

It was a wet and cloudy day, it was like a light switching on and off, but I could hear the pool calling my name, The sun was hiding from us like it didn't even want to rise up. The rain wanted to go all out like it was angry. The day was a refrigerator.

The peoples shouting were like a broken down car, The people in the pool were like rough lions, I had a lot of fun with the people I was playing with. We played around with the ball like cats play around with a light.

I heard a lot of sounds at the swimming pool like, splash when all of the people were splashing each other and bombing in the pool, hahahaha, the sound of people laughing and playing with each other. Swoosh, the sound of people running through to the pool.
The panmure pools are a really helpful place to go to when you are hot or looking for fun.

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