Monday, 30 April 2018

My first blog reflection for Term 2 - April the 30th 2018

Rendered ImageHello everyone I am back in school again it just feels like butterflies in my stomach and lots of different things are going in my brain things like, Worries, excitement and many other feelings that I can't explain. It feels like a wind swirling in my brain.Image result for wind swirling

I did a lot of great things with my family. I went with them to the Orakei park and played there with a lot of children. It was like a herd of wild animals running around. I saw my friend Lydia there. We also watched the movie Rampage and it blew me away. It was very awesome. I think you guys would also like that movie. I also really love the movie Avenger : Infinity War. it was a really good movie. But I didn't really like the ending because they all just died, and I thought that was really boring.

Image result for rampageImage result for avengers infinity war

I am really looking forward to camp and I can't wait to go. I've never been to raglan, that's why i'm very excited to go and see what it's like there. I'm also really excited for the sports tournaments to start because I really want to join soccer. I really want to play oriantering again because it's a very interesting sport.

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