Sunday, 29 April 2018

My favourite place in Panmure

My favourite place in panmure is the Fish’n Chips shop

Hello everyone me and my friend Briana are writing about our
favourite place in panmure and reasons why we like it.

The menu at the fish ‘n chips menu is a good thing because it
is cheap, and it almost feels like a dream it’s food is delicious with
added salt in. The menu man has an free easter egg that’s been
given for free. The menu there is really cheap and that also the
kebab there is yum.

The man at the fish n chips shop is really nice and I really like how
he always serves our fish and chips with a smile.. I know that you
people don’t want someone serving you with a frown it feels like
zombie serving fish n chips. and you want them to serve you with a
happy and growth mindset.  

Closed down
Now the fish n chips shop is closed down and not available.
It really feels like the end of the world. We are not sure what
their gonna turn it into but i'm sure it’s gonna be a really good place.

So that wraps it up for today and I hope you enjoyed this
very much.If you live in panmure then you know the fish n chips shop,
me and brianna love this place but we are really said that it closed down.

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