Monday, 30 April 2018

Practicing Descriptive Language - Writing

Rendered ImageHello everyone I have been working with my class and we have been working on writing. My whole class had to split into two group's and work in two classes. My class was learning about descriptive writing and figurative language.
Rendered Image

I heard the clitter clatter of steps as people walk by like an echo
of someone tapping in a cave.
I heard whispers of people sounding like a river of quiet voices.
I heard the sound of the lightning hitting the ocean as the chairs
bump into each other loudly.
Rendered Image

I heard the sound of blowing wind as the people swish through
the soft benches
When I walk out I can see a hurricane blowing down Ideas.
When I walk out and i'm tired I can see a blue mountain as I look up at the blue carpet that I have to walk up.

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