Monday, 16 April 2018

Pac man history

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Pac man is one of the well know and iconic games in the arcade history. I also really love this game too so I thought I would write about the history 

The first pac man game was created in 1980 and it was dominating the arcade in the 1980s and it brang a lot of people in the arcades.

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The next game was pac attack and this game really gave the pac man game a new style and it was released on the super nintendo.

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This new game is a really creative version of the pac man franchise. It is has a lot of interesting levels and it was released on the first ever playstation
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This pac man game is another creative game and it has a lot of characters.
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this pac man game has also brang a new style to the franchise and has a lot of creativity in it. I really love this one
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This game has a lot of great places and a really good adventure with other cool characters.
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This game is a really good version of pac man too but now this is a 2d version and it's like a mario version of pac man but more faster.
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this version of pac man is really bringing back the classic first game of pac man and making it newer and adding new features.

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