Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Tai chi Lesson

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Hello everyone me and my class went to our Tai Chi lesson today, and I had a lot of fun.

We all have been practicing our breathing techniques and our stances such as Tiger stance Crane stance. We did tiger pushes mountain, protect the heart, the bow and the Tiger crane. We also did protect the jaw, open arms, close arms and Crane I felt very confident about doing these moves but really nervous at the same time. I really loved that lots of people were encouraging each other too. The instructor said that it's not good to laugh at people when they struggle at their things.

After that we went into a circle of chairs we each went into the middle and had to do all the moves independently. We all went one by one but Alo won the Tai Chi prize and the Tai Chi instructor said it's because he gave a lot of attitude and corrected himself with confidence. I really was really nervous and I didn't really want to do this but I had to so I tried

We all forgot our manuals that we were suppose to bring signed and we all didn't any prizes excepted for Alo. I really was disappointed about this because I never won and I never got a prize but I still tried.

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