Monday, 5 March 2018

Kiwisport - Tennis Lesson 3

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Hello everyone me and homegroup (homegroup 2) have
been doing kiwisport and this is our third lesson, and we
have been learning new spectacular things, such as serving,
passing and balancing.

I have gotten better at serving and aiming at what I am going to
serve to.

It’s good to know what or who I am going to serve to so it
could be easier and simple for the ball to come back to where
we want it to.

I have also learnt a new game called get the cone.
First of all there will be two sides your opponent's side and your side. There will be three cones on each side. you have to make sure you aim so you would know where you want the ball to go to, If your ball touches one of the cones then you take the one of your opponents cones. Once you have your cones and the opponents cones you will WIN!.

I had a really growth mindset before we went to play kiwisport because I already had two lessons and I have been having fun in all of them. After we played kiwisport I kind of had the same mindset but I was really tired and worn out.

I really enjoyed playing with my partner Bianna because sometimes I did it wrong but she encouraged me to keep trying my best. I felt very silly and happy at the same time.

I think I need to work on trying to aim to the right place and serving with a happy and growth mindset.

I really enjoyed playing tennis and I hope you enjoyed reading my reflection

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  1. Greetings there Friend,

    I think you have improved on your blogging and I love that you had written down what you enjoyed and what you are going to work on for our next lesson at Kiwi sport. It is good to know that you had a growth mindset when you were ready to start kiwi sport with your classmates.
    Great job on sharing your work on your blog.
    Nice Job!