Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Kiwisport Reflection
WALT:Reflect on what we did in tennis/kiwisport
Hello everyone I have been going to kiwisport. One of the problems I encountered was trying to control the racket when Im serving the ball and keeping it to a little distance and not too far. But then I tried my best with trying to serve and I got my team one point. I felt happy about kiwisport because I got to play with my friends and Arizona hit the net. The parts that I liked in tennis was when we had to practice hitting the tennis ball to each other. The parts that I didn't like about this was when the other teams got a lot of points.
This weeks lesson taught me that tennis is all about control and accuracy. I would spend on more soccer while we are doing kiwisport because I love to kick a ball around with my friends. I have seen my classmates (Aletheia) trying her best to serve and hit back the ball with control.

I really enjoyed playing with different kind of people that were behind me on the dots and learning how to control the racket when I server. What I found challenging was trying to control the racket when I hit the ball.

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