Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Tai Chi Reflection

WALT: Reflect about
what we did at Tai Chi
(A Reflection is not a
Hello everyone me and my class have been taking tai chi lessons, we had so much fun. I really love doing this because it calms other people down and also myself and it grows and strengthens our bond as a class. Our tai chi instructors name was Daniel Gordon. Firstly we had to go in two lines and we had to spread out in 5 or 4 lines, I was really excited to learn something new with my class and also do something to calm myself down. We did lots of cool moves such as Tiger pushes mountain, Crane stance, Horse, Monkey washes face and other cool moves and stances. The effect of this is me and my class learning new moves.  
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After that we had to go in a circle and tell Mr Gordon our names,
something that went good in our day, something negative that
happened this week and a random act of kindness that we did
this week. Lots of us weren't prepared for this so Mr Gordon
told us that we should try to be prepared next week. I really felt
nervous to get up and say those things, but I bet that most of
the others were feeling the same.  
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After all of that Mr Gordon told us that we could play a game,
The game was called the ball game. I felt really nervous but
excited at the same time because I really love to play games.
First of all we had to put ourselves in a circle then we had to
bounce the ball to each other, and we had to bounce it to an
appropriate distance to each other, if the bounce doesn't make
it then the person that bounces it is out. When the ball that we
bounce gets halfway through the circle Mr Gordon will throw a
ball and it will keep going through the circle. If someone drops
the ball or doesn't throw it to the distance that the person was
in then they are out.

After all of that We finished off with bowing down to Each other
then we finished and we went into a line and went back to class

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